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Our expertise


We specialize in the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) software. Our expertise lies in crafting cutting-edge software solutions that enhance vehicle safety, improve driving experiences, and pave the way for autonomous mobility.

Hw design

Our expertise extends to hardware design, where we specialize in creating innovative and optimized solutions for various applications. With a deep understanding of hardware architecture and industry standards, we deliver cutting-edge designs that meet performance, efficiency, and reliability requirements. Our hardware design services encompass schematic design, PCB layout, component selection, and prototyping.


We specialize in rapid prototyping services, enabling companies to transform their ideas into tangible prototypes quickly and efficiently. Using state-of-the-art technologies and manufacturing processes, we offer end-to-end prototyping solutions, from concept design to physical realization. Our expertise covers various prototyping methods, including 3D printing, CNC machining, and electronics prototyping.

ECUs development

We specialize in the development of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) for various automotive applications. Our dedicated team of experts designs and develops high-performance ECUs that cater to the specific needs of our clients. Whether it's engine control, powertrain management, infotainment systems, or advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), we deliver customized ECUs that ensure optimal functionality, reliability, and compatibility. With our ECU development services, we help companies stay at the forefront of automotive innovation.


With our Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), we offer cutting-edge solutions that utilize advanced sensing technologies, such as cameras and sensors, to monitor driver behavior, attention, and alertness. Our DMS solutions enable real-time detection of drowsiness, distraction, and other critical factors, contributing to improved driver safety and reducing the risk of accidents.


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a key area of our expertise. We specialize in developing DSP solutions for various applications, particularly in the field of audio, communications, and image processing. Our experienced team of engineers is proficient in designing and implementing algorithms, optimizing signal processing techniques, and utilizing advanced DSP hardware and software platforms. Through our DSP solutions, we enable real-time signal analysis, enhancement, and manipulation, delivering superior audio quality, efficient data transmission, and advanced image processing capabilities.

Linux, QNX, Android

We have extensive expertise in Linux, QNX, and Android operating systems, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need a Linux-based embedded system, a real-time QNX application, or an innovative Android application, our team is well-equipped to deliver high-quality solutions that meet your objectives.


We excel in comprehensive testing services, ensuring the reliability, functionality, and performance of software systems. Our dedicated testing approach encompasses rigorous quality assurance measures, including functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and compatibility testing. With our testing expertise, we help companies achieve robust and high-performing software solutions, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Custom Android Emulator of IVI

We offer customized Android emulator solutions for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems. Our tailored Android emulators provide a simulated environment that replicates the functionality and user experience of IVI systems, allowing developers to test and validate their applications without the need for physical hardware. With our custom Android emulator, you can efficiently develop, debug, and optimize IVI applications, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance in automotive environments.

Development autonomous

We are at the forefront of autonomous driving platform development, providing innovative solutions that enable the realization of autonomous mobility. Our expertise lies in designing and developing cutting-edge software and hardware platforms specifically tailored for autonomous driving applications. Our platform encompasses a comprehensive suite of components, including perception systems, sensor fusion, decision-making algorithms, and control systems, all working seamlessly together to enable safe and efficient autonomous driving.


In the realm of Autosar, we provide expertise in implementing the Autosar standard for automotive software architecture, enabling seamless integration and interoperability across various electronic control units (ECUs) within a vehicle. Our team is skilled in developing Autosar-compliant software components and modules, ensuring efficient communication and coordination between different ECUs for enhanced functionality and system performance.


We provide Object Management Systems (OMS) solutions that facilitate efficient data exchange and communication between various vehicle components, subsystems, and external entities. Our OMS solutions ensure seamless integration and coordination of data, enabling effective data sharing, synchronization, and control in automotive systems.

Perception Integration and verification

We specialize in perception integration and verification services, ensuring the seamless integration and reliable performance of perception systems in automotive applications. Our expert team works closely with clients to integrate perception sensors, such as cameras, lidars, and radars, into the overall vehicle architecture. Through rigorous testing and verification processes, we validate the accuracy, robustness, and functionality of perception systems. Our comprehensive approach includes real-world testing, simulation-based verification, and algorithm validation to ensure that the perception system meets the required specifications and performs optimally in various driving scenarios.

Vehicle integration

We specialize in vehicle integration services, facilitating the seamless integration of various systems and components within a vehicle. Our vehicle integration services enable the harmonious collaboration of various systems and components, leading to enhanced performance, functionality, and user experience. Whether it's electrical, network, software, or mechanical integration, our team possesses the expertise to deliver seamless integration solutions tailored to your specific vehicle requirements.