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Augmented Reality Navigation System Collaboration

Our client, a prominent Tier 1 OEM supplier in the automotive industry, sought to revolutionize in-vehicle navigation. Their vision was to create an Augmented Reality Navigation system that would provide an intuitive and immersive experience for drivers, setting new industry standards.


Design and Development: The client required a comprehensive design and development process for the Augmented Reality Navigation system, including architecture solutions and navigation engine components.

Multi-dimensional Features: The system needed to incorporate an extensive range of features, including both frontend and backend solutions, to ensure a seamless and feature-rich navigation experience.

Our Solution: Working in close collaboration with the client, our team of experts set out to transform their vision into reality. We undertook the design and development of the Augmented Reality Navigation system, addressing the challenges and complexities involved.

Key Highlights:

  • New Architecture Solutions: Our team spearheaded the "Map Viewer" project, creating innovative architecture solutions to support the Augmented Reality Navigation system's immersive features.
  • Navigation Engine Design: We designed and developed the core navigation engine components that would power the system, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
  • Feature Integration: Throughout the implementation process, a wide array of frontend and backend features were successfully incorporated into the system, elevating the navigation experience.

Outcome: The collaboration with our client yielded a groundbreaking Augmented Reality Navigation system that set a new standard for in-vehicle navigation. The integration of our architecture solutions, navigation engine components, and a multitude of features created a navigation system that exceeded expectations.

Drivers now had access to an immersive and intuitive navigation experience, thanks to the Augmented Reality features. The new system not only provided accurate guidance but also presented information in an engaging and informative manner.